Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

Candles, Pillows, lamps and more!

Decorating a home could be costly and stressful. Instead of looking at the big picture, start by keeping it simple with the smallest details. Utilize these budget-friendly home decor tips whether you shop in-store or online.

What’s the main purpose? Hosting company or overnight visitors? Invite them over with plenty of seating. Working at home? Requiring no distractions? Whatever the layout, keep it spacious. 

Appeal to the senses. For eye-appealing lines, select straight-edged furniture for the corners. Aim for vertical doorways. Apply geometric-shaped décor. Maison X's white Velas Botanical Candle is a perfect touch.

Neutralize it.  

When choosing paint colors, select white, beige, blush, tan, and earth tones to brighten  walls. Pair it with faded hardwood, white-tiled, or smooth concrete floors. Hate the look? Consider a monochromatic color scheme with light vinyl planks.

Let there be light. Natural light shining through large windows will warm your room. Use it as a focal point to display fantastic views. Affix floor-touching thin curtains that match the color scheme for peacefulness. If you rent or can’t afford windows, a cheaper alternative is utilizing mirrors to open the spaces. Hang simple light fixtures like neutral-toned and sharp-angled pendant lights, track lighting, or wall sconces. Want more color? Try a gold- or silver-finished design like Maison X's Silver Pineapple Lamp.

Customize staircase designs. Glass panels, opened backs, or floating steps are the latest trends.   

Reserve that funky living room space. Space-saving furniture helps create designs for any type of minimalist home. To expand on seating or storage, consider nesting tables or benches. Repurpose furniture. For example, take an old dresser and transform it into a desk. Want a console table with additional seating? See the wooden tray on the bench. Go further by adding furniture for decoration. Color-legged coffee tables, geometric-shaped footstools, and decorative doors with storage hutches are ideal.

Don’t go cheap. Buy durable and long-lasting, high-quality furniture.

Shelve it.

minimalist home decor ideasConsider vertical floating shelves for organization. House a mini-bookcase. Liven up the design with green plants. Coordinate it with a flower bouquet arrangement for a kitchen centerpiece. Put tall ferns in corners or small succulents on coffee tables.  Want to prevent falls with those dangling cords? Conceal them with easy-to-install recessed shelves. That's perfect for the bathroom too. 

Try something new and create patterns. Surprise yourself by experimenting with various fabrics. Add heat in the bedroom by fastening velvet wall décor. Warm-up with a wool or fur blanket. Mix-and-match pillows give it a punch. Want something soft and bold? Opt for neutral-toned or monochromatic pillows, patterned rugs, or wall art.  At Maison X, a white or two-toned faux fur throw blanket, and a grey Tufted Rug, complements the room.